Saturday, May 19, 2007

Boulder Bike Path Composite Map

I have put together a composite map of Boulder Bike Path here. It will open a map in Google maps that by default shows many of the main Boulder bike paths. On the left hand side of the map you will see various layers (eg., Flooding Potential, Graffiti, Interesting Sites/Sights). By default those are invisible to keep map clutter to a minimum. But you can easily turn those layers visible or invisible by clicking on the little boxes to the left of their names.

The nice thing about this map is that it is dynamic (technically, it makes use of KML network link functionality). That means that if I add a new feature to the Flooding Potential My Maps map, then it will automatically be added to the composite map the next time a viewer refreshes the composite map.

Keep coming back (or subscribe to the RSS feed) to see what new information I have added.



Craig said...

Is there anything like this for Denver? We're new in town and would love a google maps (maybe even directions) for commuting by bike in the city.

Alfred Sawatzky said...

I made a feeble start on it a few weeks ago here. Unfortunately Denver is not my main focus right now. Although once I finish with digitizing Boulder maps I would probably focus on Denver next.

The City of Denver links to online (PDF) versions of their bike network maps here.

Ruth said...

Very helpful, thanks!

Do you have advice on how to print this out? When I look at Print Preview, I don't see the bike paths! And, is there a way to tell Google maps I want a landscape view?

Emil said...

Having a map on the bike? This seems good. But I really have no idea about this. Anyone can let me know about this map for Chicago? I do need your help, please!

Alfred Sawatzky said...

Have a look at

Here's a link for Chicago