Thursday, May 17, 2007

Boulder Bike Path Flooding Hazards

Thanks to the kind folks at New West Boulder for their plug on my Boulder Bike Paths on Google Maps project. Richard mentions

Even better would be to add on-street bike routes to the designated paths – so if you're going to Proto's Pizza on North Broadway, for instance, you could see which streets have bike lanes to get up there.

That is definitely in the works.

On another note... when you are cycling on the paths near any of the creeks, please remember to watch the water levels after a rain. Flash flooding is a real hazard here in Boulder. The City of Boulder has a press release stating that Boulder Creek flows are set to increase soon. This is a result of excess water from Barker Reservoir up in Nederland being released into Boulder Creek.

If you are interested in which parts of the bike path network might be more prone to flooding, have a look at the City of Boulder flood maps.

Even if we do not have a flood event, sometimes a bike path underpass next to the creek can cause problems. Click here for a map of flooding hazards that I have noticed on my daily commute.

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