Friday, May 18, 2007

Fox, rabbits, graffiti and murals on the bike paths

When you slow down a bit to enjoy the scenery along the path you notice many interesting things.

The most obvious (unfortunately) seems to be the graffiti. Luckily, the city of Boulder has an online facility repair request form where you can report the graffiti. (There are a few other places on my route that I want to get the location/pictures and then I will report this list to the city.)

But more beautiful (and surprising) are the little hidden treasures along the way. This morning as I was cycling to work I noticed murals on underpass walls, little "rest areas" at the fork of two paths and wildlife. On the Boulder Creek path east of Foothills Parkway I noticed at least 5 rabbits munching away at the side of the path. That explains the sightings that I and my colleagues have had of a fox in that area. Click here for a map (click on the icons on the map to see pictures) of some of these sightings.


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