Monday, May 7, 2007

Boulder Bike Paths on My Maps goals

One of the nice things of having the Boulder Bike Paths available on My Maps is that I can then do a search for a cafe, store, location, etc and when the Google Maps shows that location, it will also overlay the Bike Path network and presto, I can see which bike paths I need to travel on to get to my destination.

I am hoping that my experiment will accomplish a number of things:
  • make it easier for people to see how they can get to destinations on designated bike routes
  • try my hand at Web 2.0 concepts -- it would be nice if other bike path users would also use My Maps to augment the current bike path map and then send me their KML data for inclusion in the larger map
  • eventually this could be done for bike path networks in other locations
  • and my final goal is for Google to take notice and include bike networks as a searchable/traceable (ie., directions) dataset in their Maps offerings
  • and do it all without paying a penny for servers or applications (using GooglePages, My Maps and Blogspot).

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manmonkey said...

Checking out your blog when I was vainly googling my blog! Thought yours looked interesting. My blog is about mountain bike routes in my area so we have some common aims. I've been struggling to work out how to post route maps but now I know to use My Maps!I'm also going to use jpegs of written descriptions to go with the maps.
Thanks for the inspiration!
Good luck with developing Cycling in Boulder.

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